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A monthly account statement will be sent directly to individual cardholder(s), electronically. The statement is used for reconciliation and approval of transactions. VCSU's Business Office obtains an electronic billing file for payment processing. The purchasing card cycle ends the 2nd of each month.

The cardholder is responsible for reconciling the monthly account statement with the Statement of Account report and original itemized receipts/invoices. If inaccuracies and/or erroneous information exist, the cardholder must immediately notify the VCSU Purchasing Card Administrator. When reconciled, the cardholder signs the Statement of Account report, signs the monthly statement and forwards with all original itemized receipts to the appropriate supervisor.

The supervisor is responsible for reviewing the information submitted by the cardholder, signing the Statement of Account report and forwarding the report, monthly statement and the original itemized receipts/invoices to the Business Office by the 10th of each month.