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SODEXO CORPORATION: (Campus Food Service Program) For information on positions, contact the Sodexo Office in the Student Union or complete an on-campus application.

WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTOR/LIFEGUARD: Positions are available at the University pool to teach community swim lessons and to lifeguard during open and class sessions.

VIKING AMBASSADORS: Work closely with the Enrollment Services Office in recruiting new students; conducting campus tours and making phone calls to prospective students.

TUTORS/LEARNING CENTER: Work one-on-one with college students, experiencing academic difficulty in specific classes; tutoring can be done at convenient times for both tutor and tutee.

NIGHT MANAGERS: (Student Union) Students are responsible for building, lock-up, deposits. Previous experience is necessary.

CLERICAL POSITIONS: All campus offices and departments hire students to perform general office duties. Keyboarding is a preferred skill. Usually day time hours Monday-Friday.

JANITORIAL/GROUNDSKEEPING: General maintenance positions available through Facilities Services and Student Center. Very flexible day and evening hours available.

LIBRARY: Students needed for circulation desk, reference room, and general office. Flexible day-evening and weekend hours available.

LAB ASSISTANTS: Students, with special skills, are needed in Foreign Language Lab, Interactive Video Network (IVN), and Science Labs. Subject knowledge or skill proficiency is required. Hours are flexible, day-evening and weekend.

ATHLETICS: Students are needed to work concessions, statisticians, team support, janitorial and intramurals. Hours are flexible. Will include weekends.

BOOKSTORE: Students are needed for sales positions. Daytime hours.

ITC: Students are needed to work in the University Computer Center, the Help Desk. Experience/computer knowledge is required.

TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Students, with expertise, are hired in specific classes, to assist the faculty member with instruction. Flexible hours.