The team manager is responsible for signing up a team in any given sport. Entry cards and color

coded roster sheets are available next to the IM Bulletin Board in the Student Center. The roster

should be read and signed by every individual wishing to enter that particular IM sport. The cards

and rosters must be brought to the sport's rules meeting and a team representative must attend the

meeting in order for the team to be entered on the schedule. The rules meetings are usually held in

the Norway Room by the pool windows in the Student Center.



Rosters must have a minimum number of 3 names over the number of players needed for a team of

that particular sport. (Example: 8 for basketball and 9 for volleyball) Rosters are available on the

wall next to the IM Bulletin Board in the Student Union. Rosters are handed in by the team captain

at the rules meeting.


Team captains may add names to the roster until the start of the first game.



VCSU does not carry or pay for any insurance for its IM participants. Students must have their own

insurance. Please memorize or bring your insurance number and company name with you to any IM

competition in which you are participating. The policy number is needed should you need to be

taken to the hospital. Team captains please bring this to the attention of all your team members.



Students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours and have paid the full activity fee in

order to be eligible for intramural participation.

Once a student withdraws from college, he/she is no longer eligible for intramural participation. If or when it is discovered that an ineligible person may have participated after his drop, all games will be listed as losses for that team.

If you play one game with a team, then you must stay with that team for the remainder of the season. NOTE: Only players listed on the roster may compete for that team.



A team may add a player(s) to their roster during the regular season if the team and the individual(s)

involved accept and abide by the following provisions:

a.) two or more players from the original roster will no longer be able to play due to injury or transfer.

  1. the original roster included less than 10 names (i.e., there is a need to add players)
  2. the individual(s) are neither a "red shirt" player or an eligible letter winner in that sport and/or comparable sport.

NOTE: the player would still have to play in one regular season game to be eligible for the play-offs.



First term and/or transfer students for the spring semester may be added to a teams roster provided

they have met the remaining eligibility requirements as stated in the VCSU Intramural Policy

Handbook. The grace period for adding transfer and/or new students will be extended TWO

WEEKS into the spring semester.



An eligible letter winner is a person who has earned one or two varsity letters in the comparable

sport. Eligible letter winners shall be restricted to two per team competing in the sport which the

letter was earned. Athletes who have taken part in seasonal practice of a varsity or junior varsity

team and have been considered a member of that team shall not be eligible for the comparable IM

sport. If the member quits by choice or injury and has not been in a varsity or junior varsity game,

he/she would be eligible to participate in IM provided he/she was on the team's roster. NOTE:

Baseball and fast pitch softball are no longer considered the same sport as slow pitch softball. No

more than four varsity letter winners from baseball and fast pitch softball shall be allowed on one

intramural team.



Inter-collegiate winners are ineligible for the IM sport(s) in which more than two letters were earned,

whether at VCSU or any other college. (Does not include IM softball and Wallyball)



A "Red Shirt Player" shall be defined as a player who has tried out for the varsity team and would

have made the team but has chosen or been asked by the coach to sit out for the year. This player

does not practice with the varsity team - once the IM season has begun.

NOTE: The team roster shall not consist of more than one "red shirt player" and one "eligible letter winner"



Each manager must attend a mandatory meeting for the particular sport entry. Team rosters are

submitted and any questions regarding rules and regulations are discussed at this time.

If a team representative fails to attend the managers meeting but contacts the IM director the same evening the team could be put on the schedule if there is a bye on one of the schedules but they are also given a penalty forfeit. The penalty forfeit means that that team is automatically ineligible for the

championship playoff games and should they forfeit one game, the double forfeit policy would

therefore go into effect.



Game time is the time posted for each sport. If after the 5 minute grace period, a team does not have

the minimum number of players ready to play, the team will receive a loss for that game. At least one

member of that team must show up within the five minute grace period in order to receive a loss and

not a forfeit.



If the same team fails to arrive within the 5 minute grace period with the minimum number of players

for that sport a second time during that sport season, it will be dropped from the remaining schedule.



Individual payer ineligibility results in a loss, not a team forfeit for each game in which the ineligible

player participated. A player is considered ineligible if one of the following conditions has occurred:

  1. not registering for 12 hours and having not paid full activity fee.
  2. having not played in a regular season game.
  3. too many eligible "letter winners" or "red shirt" players
  4. having been ejected from a game and not having met with the IM director before playing next scheduled game.
  5. not listed on teams roster.



Protests involving rule interpretation must be settled before the contest continues.

Protests involving official judgment will not be considered.

Protests involving ineligibility must be put in writing and turned into the IM office by NOON the next

working day. Ineligible players must be protested as soon as the ineligible player participates.



Each sport varies as to playoff procedure. Participants should check playoff alignment for each sport.

In order to be eligible for playoffs, all team members must have played at least once during league




No contest may be postponed without the consent of both team managers and the IM director.

Notification of conflicts leading to a postponement should be made to the IM office at least 24 hours

in advance of the time originally scheduled for the contest or the request will be denied.



It is essential that the intramural participants keep in mind the basic objectives of an intramural sports

program--to provide an opportunity for sports participation for the average athlete, to allow

indulgence in sports just for the fun of it, to provide competition for the avid intramural athlete and to

encourage good sportsmanship, whether competing for fun or to win it all. Upon the occurrence of

any disruptive-verbal or physical disorder by an intramural athlete, the following steps will be

implemented: the persons involved will be given a technical foul and/or ejected from the game. The

second unsportsmanlike behavior will result in ejection from the game. Game ejection may also be

enforced, if the 1st offense is extremely unsportsmanlike.


The following steps are approved for use by the IM Director and/or the IM Assistant in charge at the time of confrontation:

1. depending upon the time and severity of the real or threatened verbal responses and/or physical contact

amongst the people involved, those individuals will not only be ejected from that contest but may

also be suspended from the next scheduled contest.

2. Should a person be ejected from a second game during that sport's season, he/she will no longer be allowed to participate in the intramural program at VCSU for the remainder of the season.

The individual must meet with the IM Director before he/she will be eligible for further league




A championship certificate and team picture along with championship T-shirts are awarded to each

member of the championship teams of all sports.



The IM Council is set up to serve as a liaison between the IM Director and the students. Representatives are selected from across the campus.


There is an evening meeting of the council prior to each captains meeting. Any student complaints or recommendations are heard and discussed by the council at that time. The athletic director and dean of students act as advisors to the council.


Any students wishing to serve the University by volunteering for the IM Council should contact the IM Director.