Research Mini-Grant Program

Mini-Grant Projects

The VCSU Research Mini-Grant has been established to support faculty and staff in completing creative and scholarly projects in the areas of discovery, application, and teaching. Proposals will be evaluated on merit with special consideration to proposals that include student collaborative opportunities or that may lead to the, publications or other scholarly products. Funding requests for these mini-grants are for $500 or less.

Proposals that meet one or more of the following topics will be eligible for funding consideration

  • Scholarly Research Projects - action or formal research
  • Research based innovative instructional projects (activities designed to advance teaching, learning, and instruction often with new or emerging technologies).
  • Research projects with objectives connected to the strategic plan or identified by assessment activities.
  • Institutional research focused on an academic discipline, program, or curriculum development.

Applying for Research Mini-Grant

  • Funding Request Deadline - Those individuals wishing to receive funding for research grants must submit their grant application form by the application deadlines.
    • August 18th
    • October 1st
    • February 1st
  • Use the type-able Research Application Form found on the left under Forms
  • Chair or Dean Approval: Application for Research Mini-Grants funding is not complete without an email acknowledgment of the proposal by the Department Chair(s) and/or the Dean or Division Chair(s) involved in the proposed grant funded project. A suggested format for the email would be:
      I am familiar with the proposed research project entitled [name of project] led by [name of project leader] and approve of its submission for funding from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. [Additional comments in support of the project are optional, but may be added]
  • Submit your application by email to: Misty Lindgren, assistant for the Office of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Grant Money Expenses: If awarded, grant money must be spent within the fiscal year. Grant monies do not roll over into the next fiscal year.
  • Final Report: A final report is required of the project leader. Reports must be turned in to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research within 30 days after the end of the fiscal year in which the research was funded.
      1. A short abstract of the project highlighting the purpose, the results, and any planned follow-up to the project. A picture of the participants is encouraged. (The abstract will be placed in the Hotline.)
      2. A one to two page report of the project including a budget indicating how the grant funds were spent.

Criteria for Review of Mini-Grant Proposals

  • Proposal clearly meets one or more of the topics listed
  • Potential to provide student collaborative opportunities or lead to publications or other scholarly products.
  • Clarity of purpose and intended outcomes
  • A clearly defined strategy for disseminating and/or using, the results of the research project

Research Mini-Grant Application

Office Information

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