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In our office we have a full array of resources available to any VCSU student, faculty, or staff member. From movies, to magazines and games!
If there is something that you are specifically looking for feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you find it.


  • "Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History." A Teaching Tolerance Documentary.  This is the story of Jamie Nabozny. His ordeal began in 6th grade and only got worse in high school. Years of unrelenting bullying took its toll. But Jamie decided to take a stand - against the bullying he endured and the bullying that he knew other students endured. He went to court and fought for the right to be safe at school, even if you are gay. His inspiring story offers hope for the millions of gay and lesbian students who still don't feel safe at school. (38 minutes)
  • "Fagbug" a documentary film by Erin Davies. On the 11th Annual Day of Silence, Erin Davies was a victim to a hate crime in Albany, New York. Because of sporting a rainbow sticker on her Volkswagen Beetle, Erin's car was vandalized, left with the words "fag" and "u r gay" placed on the drivers side window and hood of her car. Despite initial shock and embarrassment, Erin decided to embrace what happened by leaving the graffiti on her car. She took her car, now known worldwide as the 'fagbug', on a 58-day trip around the US and Canada. Along the way, Erin discovered other, more serious hate crimes, had people attempted to remove the graffiti, and experimented with having a male drive her car. After driving the fagbug for one year, Erin decided to give her car a makeover. (83 minutes)
  • "One Survivor Remembers" A film by Kary Antholis.  In the winter of 1945, on the day of her liberation from six years of Nazi rule, Gerda Weissmann clung to life at the end of a 350 - mile death march. She weighed 68 pounds, her hair had turned white, and she had not had a bath in three years. She survived with courage, grace and dignity. This is her story.
  • "The Story of Cesar Chavez and a Great Movement for Social Justice - Viva La Causa". On a warm evening in 1965, hundreds of Mexican farm workers packed into a church hall in the small farming town of Delano, California. A momentous decision sat before them - should they join a strike against California grape growers started 11 days prior by their Filipino counterparts? Would this improve their appalling working conditions in the fields and help them earn enough to feed their families? Viva La Cause tells the story of how the powerless stood up to the powerful and gained their victory, not buy violence and weapons, but by their strong will. (39 minutes)
  • "Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot". A Teaching Tolerance complete teaching package and film/Viewers guide + Full size classroom poster. Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot is the story of a courageous group of Alabama students and teachers who, along with other activists, fought a nonviolent battle to win voting rights for African Americans in the South. Standing in their way: a century of Jim Crow, a resistant and segregationist state, and a federal government slow to fully embrace equality. By organizing and marching bravely in the face of intimidation, violence, arrest, and even murder, these change-makers achieved one of the most significant victories of the civil rights era. (40 minutes)


We have several magazine subscriptions in our resource library. Feel free to come and check some out! 
Subscriptions included are:

  • Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
  • Teaching Tolerance
  • I.D.E.A.L -  Individuals with Disabilities Express About Life
  • Convergence: Diversity and Inclusion


  • "Hands Around the World - 365 Creative Ways to Build Cultural Awareness & Global Respect" by Susan Milord.
  • "Karma's Footsteps" by Mariahadess Ekere Tallie.
  • "Krik? Krak!" by Edwidge Danticat, author of Breath, Eyes, Memory. At an astonishingly young age, Edwidge Danticat has become one of our most celebrated new writers. She is an artist who evokes the wonder, terror, and heartache of her native Haiti - and the enduring strength of Haiti's women - with a vibrant imagery and narrative grace that bear witness to her people's suffering and courage.
    When Haitians tell a story, they say "Krik?" and the eager listeners answer "Krak!" In Krik? Krak! Danticat establishes herself as the latest heir to that narrative tradition with nine stories that encompass both the cruelties and the high ideals of Haitian life. They tell of women who continue loving behind prison walls and in the face of unfathomable loss; of a people who resist the brutality of their rulers through the powers of imagination. The result is a collection that outrages, saddens, and transports the reader with its sheer beauty.


  •  "Keep It Real" - The ultimate game of connection. The Keep It Real diverse game is a bold, outrageously fun, interactive communication board game which invites you to discover what truly dwells deep within the heart and mind of yourself and others. This game removes barriers between people and builds bridges while embracing our common ground as a human family. Provides an unparalleled community building experience. (There are two games available.) 

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