Final exam week is required under SBHE Board policy 406.1 (academic calendar). At VCSU, Final Exam Week begins on the Monday following the 75th class day of each semester, at 8:00 am, and ends Friday of that week, at 3:00 pm.

  • The Registrar publishes the exam schedule which has been developed and approved by APAC.
    • The exam schedule will be rotated so exams for particular time slots do not always appear at the same day/time each term.
  • Faculty are required to hold face-to-face and hybrid classes during the regularly scheduled times and conduct a meaningful academic exercise during this period - an exam, culminating academic activity, etc. Faculty are under contract during this week and may not move an exam to an earlier date for their personal convenience or the convenience of their students. Exceptions may be granted in unusual circumstances - use form AA-37.
  • Fully online courses will have a final, culminating academic activity due during the final exam week.
  • Evening courses will hold exams on their regular meeting night of exam week
  • Students are expected to attend course exams at the times scheduled on the official exam schedule. Exceptions to this policy may be granted for documented university activities or personal emergencies on a case-by-case basis, but planned absences (for example, airline tickets, routine medical appointments, or personal convenience) will not be excused. Exceptions use form AA-36.
  • No student activities, including athletic contest or travel to a contest, will be scheduled during exam week.


Approving Body: Faculty Senate
Sponsor: VPAA
Approved: March 2010