Class Rosters are available through ConnectND for each course offered. Faculty members are required to notify the Office of Student Academic Services of any student who has not been in regular attendance.

I. Documenting Last Day of Attendance

Regarding refund/repayment requirements for a student who fails all courses during a semester or who unofficially withdraws early from the University, the federal government maintains that the institution is responsible for providing documentation of the last day of class attendance. Therefore, faculty members must be prepared to sign, date, and document the last date of attendance for any student. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to be able to document the last day of attendance by one of the following methods:

  • Have on record the last date the student attended class.
  • Have on record the last date the student handed in assigned course work.
  • Have on record the last date the student wrote an examination.

The documentation which faculty members supply may be subject to confirmation by an auditor. If documentation is not available, the federal government asserts that the student received money unjustly. The institution then becomes liable to repay any funds given to the student and the student is considered never enrolled.

II. Referral Policy

Faculty members are encouraged to report to the Director of Student Academic Services the names of students who, in their judgment, are having academic or personal difficulties with which faculty members are not able to help. The Director of Student Academic Services will attempt to contact referred students and determine what, if any, University services may be of assistance to them. Available services include tutoring, writing skills, study skills, career counseling, and personal counseling.

Sponsor: Curriculum Committee
Reviewed: Winter 1996
Reviewed: Winter 2004-2005
Revised: February 2010
Number Revised: October 2010 (formerly V611.15)

Note: Proposed Revision divides this policy material from V530.8 (Student Attendance Policy) - February 2010 and moves it to the "Faculty Responsibilities" section, since this material is directed to faculty duties.