All online courses that begin the first week of the semester must be made available to students by 5:00 pm Monday of the first week of classes. Any online courses that do not meet the full semester must be made available by the start of campus business hours (7:45 am during the academic year or 7:30 am in the summer) on the first day of the session in which it is offered.

VCSU has adopted an official learning management system (LMS). All courses have a LMS component created each semester. At minimum, faculty are expected to post the course syllabus and use the gradebook to post student grades. The LMS course will serve as the primary container for the majority of the Internet course content and interaction. Activities that utilize Internet content outside of the official LMS for instructional activity purposes should be limited and assigned with consideration of students’ personal information security. Only when the official LMS doesn’t offer an equitable solution, should alternative Internet resources outside of it be utilized. Students must be given an alternative activity if they choose not to divulge their personal information to create online accounts outside of the official VCSU learning management system.

Faculty will provide specific information regarding VCSU policies and resources in their online courses. Use of a standardized VCSU LMS course template which includes this information may fulfill this requirement.

Sponsor: Online Standards Committee
Effective: May 2013