Field trips are recognized as a valuable supplement to classroom activities. However, it must also be recognized that, like any useful device, such a practice can be overworked and thus seriously interfere with the academic success of the student. (Trips involving intercollegiate athletics are governed by a separate policy established by the Faculty Association's Athletic Committee.)

A faculty member or faculty advisor who contemplates taking students on a field trip should review VCSU policy 901 on the use of state vehicles and complete the following steps in sequence:
  • Complete the Field Trip form (AA-22-2004) available on the H: drive in the Academic Affairs folder. When serving as an advisor to a student club or organization, consult the Vice President for Student Affairs. Observe that the trip must be approved one week prior to departure.
  • Complete the form AA-22-2004 making sure to include the list of participating students.
  • Obtain the signatures of endorsement from the appropriate department and divisional chairs.
  • Return the completed form to the Office of the vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval.
  • Upon receipt of the approved request form, make final travel arrangements. Transportation vehicles and drivers must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Send out a list of approved participants to appropriate instructors and officers.
  • Review the winter travel guidelines printed in VCSU notice 2001 and make appropriate judgments.
Sponsored by: Vice President for Academic Affairs Effective: Fall, 1986
Reviewed: Spring, 1990
Reviewed: Winter 1996