Section 500
Section 501 [Reserved for Dormitory Matters]

Section 503.1 Student Free Speech and Expression

Section 504 [Resident Tuition Law and Guidelines]
Section 505 [International Student Health Insurance]
Section 506 [Student Health Issues]
Section 507 [Student Publications]
Section 508 [Student Loan and Scholarship Programs]

508.1 [STEM Occupations Student Loan Program - Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program]
508.2 [North Dakota Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarships]

Section 509 [Professional Student Exchange Programs]
Section 510 [Rights of Students Called to Active Military Service]
Section 511 [Student Criminal History Background Checks]
Section 512 [Student Drivers and Use of State Vehicles by Student Groups]
Section 513 VCSU Travel Expenses for Student Recruitment
Section 514 [Due Process Requirements for Student Conduct That May Result in Suspension or Expulsion]
Section 520 VCSU Student Life
Section 530 VCSU Student Academic Affairs
Section 531 VCSU Student Financial Aid