The University Hearings and Appeals Board is established for the purpose of providing an avenue of final appeal of a decision made by a university official or by an established university committee. The University Hearings and Appeals Board also acts as a hearing body in matters dealing with alleged violations of the Student Bill of Rights.

All actions of the Board are advisory in nature to the President of the University.

In the case of appeal of an action of an established university committee, the appeal shall be limited to a review of the record of the initial hearing and supporting documents (except as required to explain the basis of new evidence) and for one or more of the following reasons.

  • To consider new evidence which may alter the decision.
  • To determine if the original hearing was conducted fairly and in accordance with published procedures.
  • To consider whether the sanctions imposed by the committee were appropriate and in accordance with policy.


1. The University Hearings and Appeals Board will include one (1) administrator, two (2) faculty members, and two (2) students appointed each year by the President of the University from a list of nominees recommended by the Administrative Council (administrative nominees), Faculty Senate (faculty nominees), and the Student Senate (student nominees). The Board will meet prior to the end of the month of September each year to select a chairperson.

2. A student who wishes to appeal a decision of a college committee or the decision of an administrator of the college may request a hearing of the Board within one week of the decision under question.

3. Requests for a hearing should be made to the Director of Student Academic Services.

4. The Chairperson of the Board has the responsibility of instructing the person requesting the hearing in regard to the information required. Format for the information must include:

  • General purpose;
  • Specific statement of charge, and the grounds for the appeal;
  • Background pertinent to the charge;
  • Previous action taken and the result.

5. Notification of a request for a hearing must be made to all parties within two (2) class days. This notification is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the University Hearings and Appeals Board.

6. The Board will consider the request and inform the parties involved of the hearing date if a hearing is deemed advisable. The hearing must be held within four (4) class days of the Board decision to hold the meeting.

7. All parties involved in a hearing must present any printed materials that will clarify the case to the Chairperson of the Board within one (1) day of the hearing. The Chairperson of the Board has the responsibility for the distribution of these materials to the other members of the Board.

8. All matters upon which the decision may be based must be introduced at the proceedings before the Board.

9. The findings and recommendations of the Board will be sent to the President of the University for his/her consideration.

10. The President will announce his/her decision to all involved parties within five (5) days of the receipt of the complete and final committee report.
11. A written report of the proceedings will be kept confidentially on file in the President's Office for the period of one (1) year or until any further appeals are completed.

Sponsored by: Vice President for Student Affairs
Reviewed: Winter 1996
Reviewed: Summer 2005
Revised Number: February 2010