SBHE Policy 605.1, section 4 recognizes three types of faculty appointments: tenured, probationary, and special. Selection and appointment of tenured and probationary appointments is outlined in VCSU policy V601.4; Special Appointments are used for temporary and part-time faculty, following the process described below.

Temporary full and part-time faculty members must meet the same professional qualifications as full-time, tenure track members. Procedures used in identifying positions and selecting candidates are as follows:

  • The Department Chair, in consultation with the Division Chair, determines the faculty needs of the department on the basis of schedule requirements, anticipated enrollment, and program development.
  • For a temporary, full time position request, the Division Chair sends a faculty position request to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • For a part-time adjunct position, the Division Chair may consult informally with the VPAA and submit the request as part of the Adjunct/Overload report form.
  • The Vice President for Academic Affairs reviews the request and decides whether or not to approve it.
  • If a position is approved, the Division Chair begins an informal process to identify candidates. Any recruitment costs must be discussed in advance with the VPAA.
  • The Division Chair or designee conducts the initial screening of candidates in consultation with appropriate members of the Division.
  • After reviewing the candidates, the Division Chair or designee chooses the best candidate for the position and forwards that information to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Temporary full-time positions should be reported using form #AA-32; part-time, adjunct positions should be reported using the Adjunct/Overload report form.
  • The VPAA will request approval from the President for temporary, full-time appointments, using form AA-33, and issue a letter of appointment, with a copy to the Division Chair. A contract will be issued from the Office of the President when annual contracts are prepared.
  • Adjunct appointments will receive a letter of appointment at the start of the term outlining duties and salary.
  • All part-time and temporary faculty are required to maintain updated credential files in the Academic Affairs office. This file should include a current vita and transcripts.

Required Forms

  • AA 32 Appointment Memorandum: Divisional Recommendations
  • AA-33 Appointment Memorandum: Recommendation of Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President of the University

Writable forms are located at X:/Institution/Offices/Academic Affairs/Academic

Sponsored by: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Approved: APAC June 6, 1990
Reviewed: Winter 1996
Revised: October 2010