The Divisional Administrative Assistant facilitates the responsibilities of the Division, under the direction of the Division Chair, serves as receptionist for the Division, and acts as a faculty resource in the completion of travel forms and other university processes. See the NDUS Broadband Job Classification for a detailed description of the types of duties performed by individuals in these positions (5000 Band)

While specific duties may vary from division to division, responsibilities identified in VCSU policy or campus practice include

  • Maintaining documentation of faculty absences (insert policy)
  • Maintaining Incomplete paperwork until submitted to Registrar
  • Entering senior portfolio completions for the Division
  • Supervising student workers for the Division

Other duties may include (depending on divisional practice)

  • Maintaining search files
  • Tracking departmental budgets
  • Taking minutes at division meetings
  • Assist/coordinate events planned by the School or Division
  • Managing payroll/accounts payable items for the Division

Administrative Assistants (for any academic unit, to include departmental or program assistants) are not hired as professional educators or personal assistants, and therefore should not be asked to complete the following:

  • divisional activities that require professional educator's judgment, to include teaching classes (proctoring an exam or lab, or showing a movie is acceptable; presenting lesson materials is not)
  • paper grading of any kind
  • academic advising
  • preparation of course materials, either online or in hard copy, that requires expertise beyond copying, document format, or other basic clerical assistance (emailing students when class is cancelled is acceptable; posting materials in a Blackboard course is not)
  • personal work for an individual or assistance in support of a private organization, including off-campus errands, copying, or other clerical assistance, and support of non-university funded research.

The Division Chair should be aware of the Administrative Assistant's workload and assist in task prioritization. Work requests that fall outside the purview of the Divisional Assistant should be reported to the Division Chair.

Sponsored by: Academic Policy & Affairs Council
Approved: Summer, 1989
Reviewed: Winter, 1996
Revised: December 2012