A.  Definition
At VCSU, an internship is defined as a supervised work experience related to a student’s academic major or career goal and taken for academic credit.  The internship is graded and included on the student’s official academic transcript.

B.  Student Eligibility

  1. Students must have:
    1. At least a sophomore status
    2. Grade point average as established for each academic degree program
    3. Approval from their respective academic department
  2. Positions require:
    1. A temporary assignment or special project that does not displace a regular employee
    2. Approval by the Career Services Coordinator prior to course registration
    3. Direct relation to the student’s major, minor, or career interest to qualify for credit
    4. A minimum of 40 hours per credit, ranging from 3-12 credits per academic area (120-hour minimum 
  3. The student agrees that the internship position is primarily an educational experience and all responsibilities of the employer will terminate completely at the end of this experience including any and all present or future employee benefits.  The student is not entitled to unemployment compensation after completion of an Internship as the position is a temporary assignment which is not covered under most unemployment compensation laws. Students may complete multiple internships over many semesters, earning 3 to 12 credits per academic area.

C.  Student Requirements
Internships are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis and success in each of these areas will be required for successful completion of the internship. Students must satisfy all requirements outlined in the individual Learning Agreement form.

Sponsor:  Vice President for Student Affairs
Effective:  September 2017