Everything you do influences the academic, personal, and professional development of our students. The Executive Team developed the following guidelines and is committed to working with you on reinforcing the pride and image of Valley City State. By following these Valley City State University Guidelines as we serve our students and each other, each of us contributes to a consistent, positive experience for all.

We are all students throughout life. Always strive to do better.

Support learning
Help each other learn by encouraging curiosity, reflective thinking, good time management, and other skills.

Delight the people you serve
Exceed customer expectations. Give people better service than they expect.

Be kind
Be direct without being mean. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Such behaviors replace rumor, criticism, and other negative messages.

Help each other
Tools, tasks, deadlines, projects go much better with help.

Be on time and prepared
Time is the university's primary resource - your time, and that of those who are depending on you.

Seek diversity
No one person has all the right answers. Seeking other ways and respecting other points of view usually leads to the best answers. Ask, listen, and learn.

Work hard
Hard work, like exercise, feels really good. It builds productivity and pride. It makes leisure time all the more enjoyable.

Have fun
Hard work is often more productive when it is also fun. Seek the fun and enjoyment in the work you do. Take time to celebrate.