All emergencies involving gas equipment on campus, or if you suspect a gas leak, contact Facilities Services immediately: 701-845-7705.

In the event of a gas utility failure, the type of disruption - planned or unplanned - will determine the type of response. The Valley City Fire Department will be contacted in the event of life threatening situations.

In the event of a pipeline accident or leak, personal safety is the first priority.

Gas Leak Inside a Building

  • Contact Facilities Services: 701-845-7705
  • Ventilate the area.
  • Shut off open flames.
  • Do not operate electrical equipment.
  • Shut off the outside valve if possible and leave off until turned on by the gas company.
  • If there are heavy concentrations of gas, evacuate the building.

Gas Leak Outside a Building

  • Contact Facilities Services: 701-845-7705
  • Check for gas odor.
  • Extinguish all open flames (no smoking).

Pipeline Leaks

Assess the Hazard

Contact Facilities Services: 701-845-7705

  • Sight - Look for liquids that are pooling on the ground above the pipeline zone. Some are gases that cannot be seen. Look for any brown or discolored grasses or vegetation that would otherwise be green. Watch for any vapor clouds or heat waves that are rising above the pipeline area.
  • Sound - Listen for hissing, rumbling or roaring sounds that indicate the escape of pressurized liquids or gases from a pipeline in the area near the right-of-way corridor.
  • Smell - Odorants are added to cause an odd pungent odor to the gas within the pipeline. Gaseous products leaking from pipelines will generally have the odor of sulfur or rotten eggs. Be alert to any foul or unusual smells surrounding the area near any pipeline markers.

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