The safety and security of the Valley City State University campus and community are very important. Our students, employees, and visitors should be able to pursue their education, work, and other activities in a safe, non-threatening environment. Unfortunately, violence can occur. To educate and empower all members of the university community, resources and procedures are in place to prevent, deter, and respond to concerns regarding acts of violence. Valley City State University also offers workshops to assist departments and individuals in detecting indicators for concern and resources to protect themselves and their environments. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Policy Statement

Violence, threats or implied threats of violence, and intimidation (verbal or physical acts intended to frighten or coerce) impede the goal of providing a safe environment and will not be tolerated. All students, employees, and visitors are covered by this policy as well as the policies referenced below. This policy applies to conduct on 'campus,' which by definition is not limited to central campus but includes all property owned or used by the university.

Threat Management

The Campus Assistance Team is an administrative group formed to promote awareness and responsiveness across campus to avoid or address situations that may involve violence, threats, intimidation, or property damage. The team may assist the Valley City Police Department and departments to assess situations involving the potential for violence.

Contact Information

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