Students, employees, and visitors should address emergencies by calling 9-1-1, whether they are on central campus or on other university property. VCSU does have a threat reporting form online at: VCSU Threat Reporting Form. Students, faculty, and staff can anonymously report a threat and important information using this form. The Vice President of Student Affairs and the Safety Officer receive the form information.

For all other non-emergency concerns of violence, the students, employees, and visitors should notify the Vice President of Student Affairs at 845-7201 or 3-7201. It is important that the Valley City Police Department is made aware of concerns of violence even if they occur on property outside of the campus.

The university has adopted procedures for responding to and addressing conduct that violates this policy and urges all students, employees and visitors to be alert to the possibility of violence on campus. As part of the university community, all students, employees, and visitors are responsible for reporting violence they experience or witness.

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