About the Award

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This award provides opportunity for staff members to recognize their peers 24 times over the course of the year. Recipients of this award will be recognized at their place of work by Staff Senate members and will receive a small gift from the VCSU Bookstore and Sodexo.  

Nominate a staff member easily by using the form at the following link:
  To the Difference Is Me Nomination Form


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Staff members may be nominated for the Difference is Me Award by demonstrating an immediate action or behavior reflecting the core values of VCSU:

  1. Mission driven
  2. Quality and integrity
  3. Innovation
  4. Community
  5. Diversity

Past Winners

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The following individuals are Staff Senate's Difference is Me Winners over the past year: 

  • Joseph Munowenyu
  • Jennifer Larson
  • Jan Drake
  • Connie Stavens
  • Tyler Tufte
  • Ray Nelson

Staff Senate Information

President: Erica Buchholz
Vice President: Jerilyn Beckman
Past President: Kari Bodine
Secretary: Haley Jenrich

Additional Information: