Athletic Events
VCSU employees and one guest will be admitted to athletic events by presenting their university ID card.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield Wellness Discount
BCBSND members and his or her spouse can earn up to a $20 credit monthly for visiting a participating health club.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield Healthy Blue
My HealthCenter is a program designed to help you assess your health, create a plan to improve, and take action. Participation in the program earns points that can be redeemed for gifts and gift cards.
Council of State Employees (COSE)
The Council of State Employees prepares numerous discounts for all North Dakota state employees, which can be viewed on their website.
Counseling Services
Any personal concern is appropriate to bring to a counselor. Any subject can be discussed, any type of discomfort, or just simply a relaxing talk. Everything is kept confidential.
Educational Opportunities
Each employee is eligible for a tuition waiver for three classes per calendar year. Spouses and dependents of the employee are eligible for a 50% discount on tuition.
Employee Assistance Program
Services are available to employees and their dependents for issues involving relationships, the workplace, emotional health, and service for financial and legal counseling.
Fine & Performing Arts
Art gallery exhibits, student and professional musical performances, VCSU Community School for the Arts, Theatrical performances, and many other guests. Faculty and staff are encouraged to purchase a season ticket to the VCSU theatre, as it gives special privileges in addition to the bargain price; however, all faculty and staff are entitled to two free tickets for the opening night of each show.
Graichen Gym Fitness Room
Viking-I and Cafeteria Meals
Pay for meals in advance and store money on your ID Card to realize savings and no tax on food.
Viking Grounds
Coffee Barista serving Starbucks Coffee in made to order beverages.
Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI)
For job-related injury or illness, provides medical expense coverage with partial salary payment for work time lost and assistance with return-to-work.