VCSU Viking Ambassadors are dedicated students who love and value the knowledge and experiences they gain from Valley City State University. This group of excited individuals is one of the key factors when it comes to new student recruitment. Having been there at one time, they are comfortable talking about what they love about the school while also providing factual details about the campus, the faculty/staff, and the student body. With multiple programs being pursue by them, the group of 30 students represent the various departments on campus. With a wide range of personalities, opinions, and ideas, this group is a fun part of campus life.

What do we do? Well, a lot of everything. Viking Ambassadors play a major roll on the Valley City State University campus. Below are just a few of the areas you may see us!

Campus Tours

Probably one of our most common jobs, Viking Ambassadors supply campus tours to prospective students, faculty, and staff on a regular basis. These students, who have all been through the transition to college, can help answer questions any student may have. We want to make sure your move to college is the best it can be, and it all starts with your first trip to Valley City State University.

Student Senate

Viking Ambassadors have a representative serve on the VCSU Student Senate. The voice of the students is heard at VCSU Student Senate and Viking Ambassadors makes certain we do what we can FOR the students at VCSU.

Christmas Care Packages

One of our major events, Viking Ambassadors create care packages for students during Fall Finals. These are available for purchase by parents and are a nice sign of support to any student during this stressful time.

Enrollment Services Office

Each Ambassadors helps our Admission Counselors and learns the ins-and-outs about VCSU. We even call prospective students to keep in touch and answer questions about the college admission process.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Viking Visit Days

VCSU Viking Ambassadors play an important role at our Viking Visit Days. They will not only be your guide to Valley City State University, but they can answer questions about the college experience.

We look forward to meeting you!!

Office Information

Charlene Stenson

Admission Counselor
Bridget Blunck

Admission Counselor
Erin Heide

Administrative Assistant
Oscar Suniga
Office Location
McFarland 218

Office Hours
Academic Year
7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday


800-532-8641, ext. 7101

Mailing Address

Enrollment Services
Valley City State University
101 College Street SW
Valley City, ND 58072