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Brandi Aranda

Hitterdal, MN

Athletic Training

Why did you choose VCSU?
I chose VCSU to be involved in what I am passionate about. Here, I can focus on athletic training, as well as have time for music ensembles.

Favorite part about campus:
The bubble is my home, primarily the athletic training room. In there, I can practice athletic training and care for our student athletes.

What do you hope to do with your degree?
I either hope to be a secondary school athletic trainer. I would like to branch out in athletic training for performing arts and someday be an athletic trainer for Cirque Du Soleil or for a large theater company!

Favorite class on campus and why?
My favorite class is my Emergency Medical Response course. We practice the skills we may need during real life emergency scenarios. Right now, I am actually the teacher's assistant for the course, so I have simulated some emergencies for the students to keep them on their toes and ready for an emergency at any point in time.

Any advice for incoming students?
A couple things that may help with your final year of high school or when you finally get to college: 1) It's okay to ask for help. If you are struggling with a class or with life, do not be afraid or ashamed of needing help. You are not going through this alone and there are many other students who have struggled to get where they are at today. 2) Be kind always. No matter how difficult it may be, we never know what people are going through, so a smile and being genuine toward others will help you go far.

What are you involved in and/or give us a snapshot of your day:
On a typical day I will go to my classes and work with athletes in the athletic training room. If I'm not studying, at a campus event, or working as a resident assistant in Snoeyenbos Hall, I will spend time with my friends! You can usually find us laughing, playing card games, crying together, or building forts! Regardless, I love spending time with them and we value our time together, since we know we will all graduate and move on eventually.

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