Who can use VCSU facilities for special activities/events?

The University community, related parties and other individuals or groups are permitted to use VCSU facilities. All VCSU activities are given priority over Third Party Groups. All parties need authorization prior to hosting an activity/event on campus.

What types of activities/events require a Special Event Approval form?

Valley City State University-related activities are given priority over Third Parties or outside group usage of University facilities. University Groups, Third Party Groups and related parties who wish to hold a special activity or event on campus must first complete an Activity/Event Approval Form and/or Facility Use Agreement.

**Special Activity/Event is defined as a one-time or infrequently occurring event outside normal programs or activities of the sponsoring or organizing body. Campus department meetings are not generally considered a special event unless special needs are required.

How far in advance can I schedule an event?

Events can be scheduled up to three months in advance as long as the proper paperwork is filed and approved. Follow-up information may be required closer to the event for any special arrangements required for the event.

Is the facility rental fee the only amount I am charged for my event?

No. Extra support/resources fees may be necessary for the activity/event which the Event Sponsor is responsible for paying in addition to the facility rental fee. These extras charges include, but are not limited to, overtime costs, food services, utility fees, etc.

**Facility rental and mandatory service fees may be waived or negotiated at the discretion of the President.

Why do I need to pay fees?

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education requires state universities to collect fees to cover the university's expenses associated with an event. The revenue collected goes to the support and maintenance of the facility being used. This policy can be found in SBHE Policy 909 section 5.
Click here to read SBHE Policy 909

What are the catering requirement for on-campus events?

The University's Food Service provider has the right of first refusal on all catering on University property. All food and beverage catering is to be coordinated through the University's Food Service provider.

VCSU contracts with Sodexo to provide excellent dining services on campus. They staff our cafeteria, the Viking I, and have many catering options. Their commitment is to customize menus for your occasion. From a formal dinner to meeting break refreshments, they’ll offer creative menus, elegant presentations, and thoughtful service to provide your guests with a memorable dining experience.

To plan your next event, or for further assistance, please contact Sodexo’s main office at 701-845-7130 or CLICK HERE to email.

CLICK HERE to visit the VCSU Dining website.

Will my activity of event require liability insurance?

Event Services will use the Special Event Approval Form to help determine whether or not insurance will be required for your event. The Event Sponsor must have liability insurance unless they are a nonprofit or small group. Some events may require participation waivers in place of liability insurance. For more information call 701-845-7710 or CLICK HERE

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