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Vangstad Projects

Vangstad Fire Escape

A new fire escape was added to Vangstad. It was completed in the Fall of 2010 by Wick Construction.

Vangstad Auditorium Lighting Upgrade

The lighting upgrade project for Vangstad Auditorium was started before Fall Semester break 2010 and was completed and tested by CB & Sons on December 28, 2010.

The upgrade includes a new dimmer system that will be enjoyed by all who utilize the auditorium, especially the theatre and music programs. The system will allow for one person to handle the lighting for a production.

Vangstad Balcony Stabilization

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Recently, there had been concerns with the stabilization of the balcony in Vangstad Auditorium. The work on the stabilization has been completed and is now safe for use once again.