Facilities Services Requests

Work Request Form

If there is a small project or maintenance to be done around your office or department, please complete this form to submit a "Work Request" to Facilities Services.

Office Relocation/On-boarding Employees

We have developed a series of forms that will help our FS staff gather the necessary information to make relocating and employee on-boarding go as smoothly as possible.

In the event that a current employee is being relocated, only the 'Office Change/New Office Request', 'Building Access Request' and possibly the 'Request for Sign/Name Tag' forms will be used.

Building Access Request Form

In order to receive a key or other access device from Facilities Services, this form must be filled out and signed by the proper supervisors. Once the form is complete, please turn in or email to Facilities Services.

Temporary Building Access Request

For certain campus events or camps, individuals may stay on campus in one of the residence halls. In order to obtain access to the building, an access request form must be completed and turned in to the Card Office or Facilities Services Office. Upon receipt of the access device, and temporary access contract is to be filled out and signed by the responsible party.

Student Building Access Request Form

If a student needs access to a room/building for a class or employment, the attached form will need to be filled out, signed by the appropriate authority, and returned to the Facilities Services Office for processing. Each student will sign a temporary key contract at the time of device pickup, based on the parameters in the request, and will be notified that failure to return the access device will result in a replacement fee.

** The VCSU Policy V602.03 VCSU CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK POLICY will be used to determine whether or not a student employee is required to have a background check (at the expense of the hiring department) as part of their employment and as a condition of having unsupervised access to confidential information (building access device)

Risk Management (RM)/Workforce Safety Insurance (WSI)

Risk Management Forms

Facilities Services must report any incidents, no matter how small, to Risk Management. Please determine the type of incident and fill out the appropriate form. These forms need to be filled out for employees, students, and visitors on campus. Once the form is complete, please turn in to Facilities Services.

WSI Forms

WSI encourages workers and employers to immediately file a claim (within 24 hours of the injury). Under North Dakota law, employees must notify their employer of the injury within 7 days after an accident or when the injury became apparent.

State Fleet

Vehicle Request Form

Please submit a vehicle request form at least 24 hours prior to the trip. Once the form is submitted, it will be reviewed and approved if the trip is to conduct official university business. If there are any questions concerning the nature of your trip, please contact Facilities Services.

Request for Volunteer or Student Driver

Any volunteer or student wishing to use a state vehicle must fill out this form and have it approved by the proper authorities. The request will be approved based on the nature of the business, the group requesting the vehicle, and the validity of the driver's license. Please turn in this form at least 2 WEEKS PRIOR to the trip to allow enough time for State Fleet Services in Bismarck to process the request.


Parking Violations Appeal Form

This form is used to appeal parking violations. If you receive a citation and feel it was received in error, fill out this form and turn in to Facilities Services before 14 days past the date of the citation. The appeal will be reviewed and you will be notified of the decision within 5 working days. All appeal decisions will be final.

Visitor Parking Pass Request Form

This form is used to request a parking pass for a visitor.

Office Information

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Power House

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