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Earn Library Media Specialist Licensure

Learn the skills and meet the standard required to become a qualified school library media specialist. The online M.Ed. concentration in Library and Information Technologies allows graduates with undergraduate degrees in Education and specific administrative coursework to obtain Library Media Specialist certification in North Dakota at the LM01 or LM02 level.

The program and curriculum are designed to meet NCATE and AASL School Library Media Specialist Professional Standard.
The online M.Ed. concentration in Library and Information Technologies was developed specifically to meet the NCATE-approved ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Programs for School Library Media Specialists Preparation. Every course incorporates the AASL standards and assesses their mastery. While completing the coursework, each student develops a portfolio of artifacts demonstrating mastery of all the Professional Standards.

Courses and programs requirements have been designed for transfer to all state Library Media Specialist licensing agencies.
In addition to course syllabi and assignments directly tied to the national AASL and NCATE standards, the program includes, NCATE certified core graduate Education courses customized professionals field experience, and a comprehensive professional portfolio, for transfer to state licensing agencies.

Complete Program Online

Earn a Master of Education degree in Library and Information Technologies online.

All courses in the M.Ed./L.I.T. program have been specifically designed for online instruction.
Our faculty members are all experienced and skilled at online instruction. All of the courses incorporate AASL Professional Standards, and are designed to be interactive and engaging for students.

Each course includes field experience tailored to the needs of online students.
Practical field experiences in each courses are designed around course content and AASL Professional Standards. Field experiences are supervised by university instructors in cooperation with practicing Library Media Specialist mentors. Locations and venues for field experiences are designed to accommodate the needs of distant and online learners.

Practicing Library Media Specialist mentors interact with students in and outside of class.
The M.Ed./L.I.T. program is more than a collection of courses. Informal interaction within and outside of courses connects our students with each other, with university faculty, and with practicing library media professionals.

A Practical Balanced Program

Our program is designed to model and promote professional growth and successful practice in the school library media field

Including These Features:

  • Online Professional Education Core Courses built around NCATE Standards.
  • Online Professional Library & Information Technologies Concentration Courses built around AASL Professional Standards.
  • Professional Field Experience integrated within each M.Ed./L.I.T Concentration Courses.
  • An Action Research component integrated within the M.Ed./L.I.T. required Concentration Courses.
  • A graduation Portfolio of standard-based artifacts created within both the M.Ed. Core and the L.I.T. Concentration Courses.
  • An optional Summer Institute offers face-to-face interaction and Field Experience.
  • An active community of practicing Library Media Specialists, university faculty, and students, interacting formally and informally in an online network.

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Complaint Compliance
Valley City State University is committed to providing a high quality educational experience, fully supported by a range of academic and administrative services. It is our intention to meet the student's educational goals through a positive and rigorous academic experience. In an instance where the student has a concern, information is available on this website.
To pursue state level resolution, contact Lisa Johnson, 701-858-3494.

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