Teaching English Language Learners Certificate (ELL)

This Graduate Certificate in Teaching ELL provides in-service teachers with the cultural and linguistic pedagogy needed to address the ELL needs of North Dakota teachers and will also meet other state requirements. This certificate provides a path for in-service teachers who already possess baccalaureate teaching credentials and may have M.ED.s with the necessary coursework to be credentialed as an ELL instructor. The program also helps meet the increasing demand for graduate credentials for career and salary advancement. A certificate program meets the needs of those seeking professional development, endorsement, or licensure.

Accreditation Information: The ELL certificate meets the content standards and credit requirements identified by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board for the ELL Endorsement. In addition, the certificate’s coursework is aligned with the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)/National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Standards for Accreditation in P-12 ESL Teacher Education.

Required Courses:

No. Title Semester Credits
EDUC 660 Authentic Assessment Strategies and Evaluation or ELLs Fall (odd) 2 cr
EDUC 663 Methods of Teaching English and Academic Content to ELLs Spring (even) 2 cr
EDUC 670 Second Language Acquisition Fall (even) 2 cr
EDUC 673 Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism Summer 2 cr
EDUC 693 Putting Theory into Practice-ELL Teaching Practicum Fall/Spring 2 cr
ENGL 653 Language and Culture Summer 3 cr
ENGL 673 Linguistics for ELL Teachers Spring 3 cr
Total 16 cr

Library and Information Technologies Certificate

The goal for this certificate is to meet the needs of an educator's market composed of those who already hold a bachelors or masters degree in another field, but who wish to obtain coursework to qualify as a library media specialist.
Capitalizing on the university's excellent reputation and historic role in the preparation of librarians and information specialists, this certificate allows the university to better serve the needs of in-service teachers who seek Library Media Specialist credentials but prefer not to complete a Master's degree. The proposed certificate will

Accreditation Information: In addition to meeting the North Dakota DPI standards for the LMS LM01 or LM02 credential, the courses in the program are developed to meet AASL standards. The M.Ed. concentration in LIT program was accredited by NCATE in 2008, but is currently preparing to seek initial NCATE/AASL program recognition in the next two years.

Required Courses:

No. Title Semester Credits
LMIS 660 Applied Research in Current School Library Issues Fall 3 cr
LMIS 664 Literature & Literacy for Children and Young Adults Fall 3 cr
LMIS 670 Integrating Information Literacy and Research Standards Fall 3 cr
LMIS 676 Contemporary Cataloging for the School Library Summer 2 cr
LMIS 677 Collection Development for the 21st Century School Library Summer 2 cr
LMIS 680 Using Information Resource Spring 3 cr
LMIS 687 Administering & Evaluating Program Resources Summer 3 cr
LMIS 688 Collaboration, Management & Leadership Spring 3 cr
Total 22-25 cr
*An Introduction to Libraries course is required only to meet North Dakota library media specialist credential requirements and depending upon prior coursework, candidates for ND LMS licensure may need to take Introduction to Library Services in addition to the required coursework for this certificate. VCSU offers an Introductory course which fulfills this requirement at the undergraduate level (LMIS 250) and as a Continuing Education/Professional Development course (LMS 700). Please contact the Graduate Office for advice on how to register for these options.

STEM Education Certificates

This certificate allows the university to serve the needs of in-service teachers who seek a STEM Education credential. This online certificate is available to teachers both in and outside North Dakota. VCSU's STEM certificate will enhance the curricular understandings of in-service teachers who may already have a master's degree or may decide later to expand the certificate into a Master's degree. These graduate courses involve in-service teachers learning through integration of the STEM methodologies and provide hands on materials and real-world classroom projects. The curriculum will ensure coherence in STEM teaching and learning for teachers seeking STEM Education certification.

All courses in the Certificate may be used toward completion of the Master's degree at VCSU.

Required Courses - Elementary Focus

No. Title Semester Credits
STEMED 655 STEM Curriculum and Methods, Elementary Fall 3 cr
STEMED 670 Design, Technology and Engineering for Elementary Spring 3 cr
STEMED 671 Inquiry Based Thematic Instruction Fall 3 cr
STEMED 680 Building Math OR Summer 3 cr
STEMED 665 Invention and Innovation Summer 3 cr

Required Courses - Secondary Focus

No. Title Semester Credits
STEMED 650 STEM Curriculum and Methods, Secondary Fall 3 cr
STEMED 660 Design for Engineering Fall 3 cr
STEMED 665 Invention & Innovation Summer 3 cr
STEMED 680 Building Math OR Summer 3 cr
STEMED 682 Engineering the Future Spring 3 cr