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Content Qualification Options and Course Rotations

English              18 Hours Fall Spring Summer
ENGL 650 Studies in British Literature (3) Summer Even
ENGL 653 Language and Culture (3) Summer
ENGL 660 Studies in American Literature Summer Odd
ENGL 664 Literature & Literacy for Children and Young Adults (3) Fall         
ENGL 676 Research in Teaching Writing (3) Summer Even
ENGL 680 Teaching College English (3) Spring       

Communication 18 Hours Fall Spring Summer
COMM 611 Communication Theory (3) Spring Even
COMM 630 Instructional Communication and Technology (3) Fall Even
COMM 645 Media Uses and Effects (3) Spring Odd
COMM 650 Advanced Interpersonal Communication (3) Summer Even
COMM 660 Group Communication, Team Building and Leadership (3) Summer Odd
COMM 655 Advanced Intercultural Communication (3) Fall Odd

Students who wish to earn the full Master of Education Degree, must complete the following sequence in addition to the 18 credit content area qualifications.

EDUC 610 Research in Education (3) Fall Spring Summer
EDUC 625 Issues in School, Community, and Family (3) Fall Summer
EDUC 640 Supervision and Assessment of Teachers & Learners (3) Spring Summer
EDUC 657 Exceptionality, Diversity, and Difference (3) Fall Spring
EDUC 685 Action Research (3) Fall Spring

ENGL 689 Research Application (1) Fall Spring Summer
ENGL 698 Capstone (2) Fall Spring Summer