Spring 2020 Graduate Studies Contingency Plan

The Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Learning has modified procedures to address the situation with campus closing and public school closing across the country.  The video below outlines any required changes for Spring 2020 graduate students.  The information from the video is also posted as part of this webpage and a downloadable PDF document.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Learning (graduate@vcsu.edu) if you need additional guidance.

VCSU has decided to complete the rest of the spring 2020 semester online. For M.Ed. and MAT students, this will not have a tremendous impact on your coursework. However, with many public schools closing, it may have an impact on your research or field experiences.

I would like to stress that your VCSU email account is the official means of communication. Please check it on a regular basis!

Important Information – Master of Education and Master of Arts in Teaching Students

  1. Graduate Studies has set up a Blackboard Collaborate rooms for each concentration in the Graduate Studies Organization in Blackboard. The following link will guide you to accessing this organization https://onestop.vcsu.edu/support/solutions/articles/10000022881-how-to-access-the-graduate-studies-organization
  2. Communication - Remain in contact with your advisor to monitor your progress in the program and your research. Communication can be done via email, Blackboard Collaborate or using Skype for Business or Teams within the outlook calendar.
  3. Online Classes - Since all Graduate courses are online, we plan to continue classes with the normal schedule established by your instructors. Faculty will not be in their offices, so email and Blackboard will be used as the main communication.If you are unable to complete coursework due to illness please contact your instructors immediately and inform the office of graduate studies email graduate@vcsu.edu
  4. Field Experiences - Spring 2020 graduates should work directly with their advisor and the Dean of Graduate Studies for completing concentration required field experiences. This includes the Library Concentration, ELL concentration and Master of Arts in Teaching Candidates. The hours are required for licensing purposes and we will need to develop plans on a case by case basis. Course level field experiences like in EDUC 657 should be completed using recommended methods from your instructor.
  5. Action Research – Spring graduates will need to contact their advisor as soon as possible to determine a plan for completing their action research. Summer graduates who have not collected data or have incomplete data sets, will have to wait until we know more information about the summer term. The main thing is to remain in close contact with your advisor. Master of Arts in Teaching students will complete their final chapter of the synthesis paper on either their TLC unit or how they have adapted their lessons for continued instruction online. 
  6. PRAXIS CORE, PRAXIS II Content, and PRAXIS II PLT. MAT candidates who have not completed these exams and are scheduled to graduate this spring may have to defer graduation to summer semester since all testing centers have been closed.  
  7. Graduate Portfolios – Portfolio presentations will not be required for spring graduates only. Portfolios still need to be created, shared with committee members and scored in the assessment system, but the live presentation will not be required. If a student feels it is necessary to present to your committee, please contact your advisor to determine the availability of your committee members.

Office Information

Mailing Address:
Office of Graduate Studies
101 College Street SW
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone: 701.845.7303
Fax: 701.845.7190
Email: graduate@vcsu.edu

For more information on:
Library and Information Technologies
concentration contact:
Donna James
Email: donna.james@vcsu.edu

For more information on:
Technology Education
concentration contact:
Dr. Peder Gjovik - Department Chair
Phone: 701.845.7448
Email: peder.gjovik@vcsu.edu

For more information on:
Teaching & Technology concentration contact:
Dr. Heather Kvilvang
Phone: 701.845.7199
Email: heather.kvilvang@vcsu.edu

For more information on:
Elementary Education concentration contact:
Dr. Heather Kvilvang
Phone: 701.845.7199
Email: heather.kvilvang@vcsu.edu

For more information on:
English Language Learners concentration contact:
Dr. Joan Aus  
Phone: 701.845.7187 
Email: joan.aus@vcsu.edu

For more information on:
English Education concentration contact:
Dr. Greg Brister 
Phone: 701.845.7317 
Email:  greg.brister@vcsu.edu
Contact Information

Questions on Graduate Studies:
Misty Lindgren - Coordinator of Extended Learning
Phone: 701.845.7303
Email: graduate@vcsu.edu

Chasity Lovell- Assistant
Phone: 701.845.7602 
Email: chasity.lovell@vcsu.edu

Office of Graduate Studies
Dr. James Boe - Dean 
Phone: 701.845.7304
Email: jim.boe@vcsu.edu

Complaint Compliance
Valley City State University is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience, fully supported by a range of academic and administrative services. It is our intention to meet the student's educational goals through a positive and rigorous academic experience. In an instance where the student has a concern, information is available on this website.
To pursue state level resolution, contact Lisa Johnson, 701-858-3494.

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