Institute for Customized Business Solutions

Director: Ken Brooks

What is ICBS?

The Institute for Customized Business Solutions (ICBS) is a state Center of Excellence that produces industry-ready enterprise software consultants for jobs in North Dakota. By creating customized coursework and training programs, targeted at the specific needs of our business partners, the ICBS provides graduates with outstanding career opportunities.

ICBS Partner: Eagle Creek Software Services

A leader in the rapidly-growing field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Eagle Creek worked with VCSU to create our innovative CRM Track. Their development and service center in Valley City provides paid internship opportunities for VCSU students, and exciting career opportunities for VCSU graduates.

ICBS Partner: Eide Bailly Technology Consulting

With over 20 years experience delivering technology solutions to over 1,000 clients, EBTC uses a technology approach that emphasizes teamwork and communication. Their partnership with the ICBS is delivering a customized curriculum and internship opportunities featuring a combination of enterprise software technologies (.NET and SQLServer) and communication.

Opportunities for VCSU Students

Current VCSU students can open a world of exciting career opportunities by simply taking prescribed courses and opening a dialog with the ICBS business partners. Read this article for information about specific courses and internship opportunities available to qualified students with ANY major or course of study.

Opportunities for non-VCSU Students

Students who are completing Associated Degree programs at certain 2-year colleges may qualify for entry into the ICBS through articulation agreements that make the most of the investment you've made in your education.