What is the ICBS?

Customizing Curriculum for Enterprise Software Applications

The Institute for Customized Business Solutions (ICBS) is a VCSU business unit founded under Governor John Hoeven's 'Centers of Excellence' initiative that combines education and economic development to create higher paying jobs and new business opportunities for North Dakota citizens.

The ICBS will do this by ICBS forming partnerships between VCSU and businesses to produce employees that meet specialized needs.

The Enterprise Software Industry: An Opportunity for North Dakota

Most organizations, particularly very large organizations, use a type of software known as Enterprise software to run their business. This software performs a wide range of functions such as management of the organization's customer, market information or financial information. Because these applications are at the very core of the organization's operations, they are willing to spend a considerable amount of time and money making sure they are effective in meeting the organization's needs.

But the employees who manage these systems require a very specialized set of skills including specialized technical skills, well-developed 'soft skills,' and an in-depth understanding of the customer's business. As a result, finding potential employees who are qualified to work in this field has become a strategic challenge.

For IT service providers, finding qualified consultants is a strategic issue!

  • Very high staffing costs
  • Experiments with outsourcing or off-shoring of core business processes
  • Constrained service portfolios
  • Reduced operational throughput
  • Increased business risk

For today's IT graduates, finding the right qualifications to launch your career is more challenging than ever!

Many students have lots of coursework in programming technology, but little or none in key business applications that dominate the available job market. How can you get that first job when they all require experience?

The Solution: The ICBS

The ICBS was created to produce qualified enterprise software candidates to meet the specific business needs of our industry partners. At the ICBS, we build customized instructional programs with our industry partners that provide such unique features as:

  • Intensive Employee-Candidate Preparation
  • Targeted Four-Year degree programs
  • Customized Skills-Upgrade Workshops
  • Collaborative Internships

The ICBS Process
Customized programs to meet business needs

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Training in technologies like Java, C++ and relational database management is essential for launching an IT career. But successful organizations require more.

Industry-specific Technologies:

The ICBS goes beyond curriculum in traditional baccalaureate programs by offering courses that have been customized in the technologies businesses rely on to keep their organizations running:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • .NET
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project management

Customized Business Skills:

A student may be a wizard at programming, but that is of little use without a grounding in the principles that drive the business.

The ICBS enhances that preparation to meet specific business-knowledge requirements:

  • Custom curriculum focused on the unique dynamics of specific industries or markets
  • Internships to provide hands-on experience dealing with real business problems

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Global Awareness
  • Problem Solving
  • Wellness
  • Collaboration
  • Aesthetic Engagement
  • Technology
  • Effective Citizenship

Benefits to Employers:

A reliable pipeline of comprehensively prepared interns and candidates for employment
+ Skills-based training tailored to meet your specific business needs
= Enhanced market competitiveness

Benefits to Students:

  • Curriculum and internship opportunities students won't find at any other university
  • A reliable track into an exciting career in high-demand segments of the economy.

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