May 22nd, 2015 @ 10:19 am | Author: Greg Vanney
Select Valley City State University faculty members participated in the third annual Summer Teaching Academy on campus May 19–21, 2015. With the theme “Engaged!,” the academy brought faculty members together to focus on engaged learning. The group discussed pedagogy and learning theory, and shared strategies to improve teaching and learning at VCSU.

Keynote speaker at the academy was Dave Yearwood, professor and chair of the Technology Department at the University of North Dakota. Yearwood led a workshop on e-pedagogy, the use of tools and apps to engage students in a better understanding of course material and critical thinking.

Teaching academy participants included VCSU faculty members Robin Allebach, Kathleen Bennett-Zaun, Sharon Bratrud, Greg Brister, Karri Dieken, Patricia Gegelman, Donna James, Erin Klingenberg, Gilbert Kuipers, Jason Laczkoski, Steven Listopad, Jenni Lou Russi, Jodi Shorma, Laurel Westby, and Angie Williams.

The teaching academy was led by the VCSU Instructional Design Team, a group of teaching faculty and staff charged with supporting faculty members’ pedagogical strategies, especially in regard to efficiency, innovation and technology in teaching and learning. The design team includes Amber Aberle, Jim Boe, Diane Burr, Julee Russell, Sam Stover and Shannon VanHorn.