Sep 27th, 2004 @ 3:27 pm | Author:
Athletic director Doug Peters provided me with some interesting facts about the athletic program. I thought I would share some of them with you today, plus other information about the university that you may not know.

Student-athletes comprise 22 percent of the university’s full-time equivalent enrollment this year.

Two out of five entering freshmen and one out of five entering transfer students are participating in intercollegiate athletics. Overall, one-third of our new students are student-athletes.

The total number of student-athletes is 195. Ideally, coaches would like to bring that number up to 228, to fill all team rosters.

The Booster Board leads the athletic scholarship fund drive, Century Club, each year. Student-athletes receive about $90,000 in scholarships annually. They and all other students are eligible for another $150,000 in named and V-500 scholarships that are not tied to athletics.

Almost 100 faculty, staff, and students participated in the fall intramural golf tournaments.

The vision statement toward which the university is striving says that "Valley City State University is nationally acclaimed for attracting and retaining talented individuals who advance quality learning opportunities and economic growth through technology and innovation." The talented individuals we seek include students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Faculty members expect VCSU graduates to demonstrate competency in eight areas: aesthetic engagement, communication, global awareness, technology, collaboration, effective citizenship, problem solving, and wellness. The faculty also requires all graduates to have completed a digital portfolio of their best work in college to document what they have learned in these areas.

In a 2003 study of employer satisfaction, our graduates earned a whopping 98.8 percent overall satisfaction score. Areas within that having the highest ratings included communication, problem-solving, collaboration, innovativeness in the work environment, use of technology information, and working effectively with diversity. One conclusion: employers are noticing and appreciating the faculty’s competency expectations.

Valley City State University offers its elementary education program on the NDSU campus, in cooperation with NDSU. Approximately 100 students participate in that program, using laptop computers in VCSU backpacks just like on-campus students. Several members of the education faculty travel to Fargo twice a week, all year long, to provide the instruction. Graduates go through NDSU’s commencement but receive a VCSU diploma, with full credit to VCSU in the university’s commencement program.

In all of the 11 areas surveyed in a national student satisfaction study last year, VCSU students reported greater levels of satisfaction with their university than either state or national group means. Some of the areas in which VCSU students showed the greatest satisfaction included academic advising, academic effectiveness, student centeredness, and campus support services.

Sgt. Joan Aus, HHC 141st Engineer Combat Battalion in the National Guard, is a VCSU professor. While in Iraq, she is teaching two communications classes for VCSU as well as continuing to pursue her doctorate. She recently completed her first set of classes, involving 23 enrollments by 15 students, and she is now beginning her second set. In a recent email, she said that these activities "really helped me stay focused and remember who I am."

And let us all remember daily Sergeant/Professor Aus and the other soldiers who are serving our country.