Mar 1st, 2013 @ 12:36 pm | Author: Football Sports Information
The Vikings Football Off-season workouts have been going great. If you follow our twitter feed you already know about how busy the player's council has been this off-season. The guys have organized a full range of activities from a PS3 tournament to a Bible Study group. The team is also working out 4 days a week with Coach McCulloch recognizeing two players for both their hard work and teamwork at the end of each week. Congratulations to Cameron Avery and Matt Craft on receiving that recognition for this morning's team run. The VCSU football team has been broken into 6 different "teams" for the off season who are competing for points based on their grades,weight lifting, team challenges and community service. Currently Team Brotherhood headed up by captain Jake Schauer is in the lead. Congratulations to all of the guys on Team Brotherhood for their hard work in the classroom, the weight room, and in the community.