Oct 1st, 2013 @ 9:32 am | Author: Dr. Steve Shirley
Last week Valley City State University announced its final Fall 2013 student enrollment figures. Overall student enrollment stands at 1,366 students this semester, which is a slight increase over last year’s enrollment. This represents the third-highest enrollment in the nearly 125-year history of VCSU. The all-time record was set in 2011 with 1,384 students. Three of the four largest student enrollments in VCSU’s history have been recorded during the past three years. This relative stability with enrollments remaining at historically high levels is a very positive indicator that bodes well for the overall operation and mission of Valley City State University.

The total student headcount includes both undergraduate and graduate students. VCSU has 1,211 undergraduate students enrolled this fall, and another 155 graduate students in the Master of Education program. The M.Ed. enrollment represents the second-largest in the nine-year history of the Master’s program at VCSU.

Another important measurement is the number of students living on-campus in VCSU’s residence halls. This fall there are 356 students living in the residence halls, which is an 11% increase over Fall 2012 and the most residential students living on-campus at VCSU since 1999.

Overall, students enrolled in Education programs of all types (Elementary, Secondary, and the Master’s programs) continue to represent the largest portion of students, with approximately 50% of VCSU’s total students enrolled in education majors.

Within specific programs, it is worth noting that VCSU’s Fisheries & Wildlife program is at an all-time record number this fall with 77 students. Additionally, VCSU’s Athletic Training program, which is only in its second year of existence, already has 25 students enrolled. Growth in relatively new, high-demand programs such as Fisheries & Wildlife and Athletic Training are helping fuel and sustain VCSU’s strong enrollment figures. As a campus, we look forward to continuing to add high-demand academic programs that will be of interest to North Dakota’s students. The recent additions of new majors such as Business Process Integration Management and Medical Laboratory Science, as well as our new Software Engineering major at VCSU added this fall, are further examples of responding to North Dakota’s needs.

VCSU’s total number of new students this fall (defined as new freshmen and transfers) is at 296 students. This is the third-highest number of new students in the past 13 years, and is certainly an important indicator as these are the new students who are enrolling at VCSU and will become our sophomores, juniors, seniors, and ultimately graduate from Valley City State. Moreover, this is an especially important group of students this year when considering that VCSU graduated its largest class ever in 2012-13 (288 students). Therefore, it is especially important that we have a strong class of new students to replace last year’s large number of graduates. Please help welcome all of the new and returning students to the Valley City community this fall!