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Wetland Material

Macroinvertebrate Material

Wetlands Plants

Wetland Soils

Reinforcement Activities

Winter Wetland Lesson Material

The winter lesson consists of a re-visit to the same three wetlands at Stoney Slough.  We will document the winter characteristics, drill a hole in the ice and use an underwater camera to see what, if any macroinvertebrate activity is going on this time of year.  Afterwards we will return to Prairie Waters and expand on the functions of wetlands that we introduced in the spring and introduce the topic of wetland politics.  Wetlands are subject to a broad spectrum of regulatory laws and agencies.  They are an intensely debated issue between conservationists, agricultural producers, and outdoorsman, just to name a few.  Students will participate in an activity designed to increase awareness of the multitude of federal wetland regulations.

Pre-Lesson Material

Below are links to "You Tube" videos from the agriculture view of field draining and the conservationist view.

Regulation Review

Post-Lesson Material

The articles below are some examples to use for the wetland trade-offs activity.  Use those or find ones close to your community for the activity.

Spring Wetland Material

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