“Defining Great: The VCSU Difference”

Valley City State University’s previous strategic plan, “Success 2015,” came to a close in June 2015. VCSU has developed a two-year strategic plan that responds to the new North Dakota University System strategic plan—“Daring to be Great: The NDUS Edge”—and maps a course for growth and improvement.

1. Growth: Grow the university to meet the needs of North Dakota and beyond.
This goal uses wording from our new mission/vision statement and speaks to the intent of almost every program’s plan to retain and recruit students. The goal includes strategies for marketing, student recruitment and retention, and program development.

     1.1 Enhance marketing efforts

     1.2 Recruit a diverse, well-prepared student body

     1.3 Increase retention rates

     1.4 Expand program options to meet the needs of North Dakota and the region

     1.5 Recruit and retain a quality workforce

2. Optimization: Provide resources for growth and high priority programs.
This goal focuses on the resources and the efficiencies necessary to support growth and program optimization. The goal includes strategies related to facilities, process efficiencies, and program optimization.

     2.1 Complete the program optimization process (P.O.P.) and update budget and planning processes based on the task force reports.

     2.2 Develop office and program efficiencies

     2.3 Improve physical facilities

     2.4 Improve technology infrastructure

3. Collaboration: Work with stakeholders to develop relationships and opportunities.
Collaboration with stakeholders, including campus entities, workforce partners, the community, and NDUS campuses, is vital to VCSU’s continued success and student engagement. This goal includes strategies relating to advisory boards, internal program synergies, community involvement, and the development of articulations, partnerships, and internship/practicum activities.

     3.1 Improve interdepartmental communication

     3.2 Establish practicum and internship locations for non-education programs

     3.3 Collaborate and cultivate relationships with external stakeholders

     3.4 Increase employee engagement in shared governance and campus community/culture (“the VCSU Difference”)

4. Success: Deliver quality, engagement, and breadth of experience.
All of our programs have a significant impact in developing successful graduates. This goal speaks to the breadth of experiences students, faculty, and staff have on campus, and to the importance of delivering quality in all programs, including student life, academic programs, work experiences, professional development, and campus interactions.

     4.1 Promote engaged learning opportunities that result in a high-quality teaching and learning environment.

     4.2 Increase attention on research (e.g., undergraduate research, faculty research, graduate action research)

     4.3 Support specific student populations (e.g., early entry, international, at-risk, online)

     4.4 Promote health and safety (physical and electronic environments)

     4.5 Increase effective use of assessment and data

     4.6 Improve program quality; pursue program accreditation and compliance

     4.7 Increase professional development, job training, and cross-training

     4.8 Cultivate a supportive work environment

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