The goal of the institutional strategic planning process is to develop a plan with a five-year span and a biennial rolling horizon.

Guiding Principles

  • Include as many people as possible in the development of strategies
  • Promote strategic thought and action
  • The strategic plan must be mission driven and amplify the institutional defining commitments.
  • The strategic plan must intersect and align with the following processes and documents:
    • The North Dakota University System strategic plan
    • VCSU 2016-2017 Presidential Goals
    • VCSU 2015-2017 Strategic Plan
    • VCSU Strategic Enrollment Plan
    • VCSU Master Plan
  • The strategic plan must ensure the processes utilized guide the university to:
    • Build on our strengths
    • Concentrate resources on strengths and mission-driven growth areas
    • Integrate programs and services to complement and reinforce one another
    • Adopt lean practices, and let go of obsolete or marginally performing programs and activities

Timeline (Revised Feb. 6, 2017)

  • November: Completed SWOT analysis
  • December: Gap Analysis/Survey Development. Determined we needed clearer sense of Campus Vision.
  • January 30–February 6: Conducted a visioning activity as a group, drafted an early version of a campus survey, and discussed Dr. Mason's town hall plan to engage campus in developing the campus vision statement.
  • February 14–15: Town hall meetings, led by President Mason
  • February 16–28: Survey finalized (Cabinet and Committee via online) and live for campus constituents, alumni, and community
  • March 1–7: Survey analysis completed (Dr. Carlson)
  • March 8: Cabinet Retreat. Draft Vision statement approved.
  • March 20: Committee will meet in person. Complete Strategic Plan framework based on draft campus vision.
  • March 27–April 3: Committee will meet in person. Establish objectives and strategies for each goal.
  • April 10: Committee will meet in person. Add measures/responsibilities.
  • April 12: Draft plan submitted to Cabinet and President.
  • April 17: President will initiate campus review/comment period.
  • May: President and Cabinet will resolve issues identified by campus review and approve final plan, which will be posted on the President's web page by mid June and presented to campus during welcome week in August.


  • Margaret Dahlberg -- Vice President for Academic Affairs (Committee Chair)
  • Ken Astrup --VCSU Foundation Board of Directors
  • Jessica Frerich -- Staff
  • Morgan Keasler -- Faculty
  • Susan Kilgore -- Faculty
  • Lee Kruger -- Faculty
  • Stephane McCann --Student
  • Mary Lee Nielson -- Community
  • Sheri Okland -- Faculty
  • Stephanie Roelfsema -- Staff
  • Nate Stewart -- Athletic Director
  • Oscar Suniga -- Student
  • Joe Tykwinski -- Chief Information Officer

Roles and Responsibilities

Committee members will be responsible for the following:

  • Understanding the components of an institutional strategic plan and developing those that are necessary (i.e., Vision, Mission, Values Statement, etc.)
  • Developing and supporting the objectives and goals of the institutional strategic plan
  • Engaging identified stakeholder groups in the development of the objectives and goals for the institutional strategic plan, and providing feedback to those groups on a continuing basis
  • Identifying or developing key indicators and assessment measures to document implementation of the strategic plan objectives and goals and reviewing those indicators and measures on a regular basis
  • Monitoring and assessing progress and shaping of both the plan and the outcomes
  • Actively participating in committee activities and discussions
  • Actively engaging in disseminating information about the planning process, the strategic plan, and its implementation
  • Being aware of strategic issues in the internal or external environment related to the institutional planning process and ensure that the committee is informed

Office Information

Dr. Alan D. LaFave  

Executive Assistant
Rhonda Fairfield
Office Location
McFarland 216

Office Hours
Academic Year
7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Mailing Address
Office of the President
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