by Deborah Haley

January 2016

Instructor, golf coach, chair of the Computer Systems and Software Engineering (CSSE) Department—these titles can all be used to describe Jamie Paurus at Valley City State.

In May 2015, Paurus was chosen as chair of the CSSE Department. His response to the appointment: “More paperwork and responsibilities, but no more stress.”

Of all the classes he teaches, Paurus says that CIS 475—Integration of Business Processes in SAP and ERP—is his favorite. Taught as a two-week summer certification course, Paurus describes the time-condensed class as “a culmination of all classes into one massive class on steroids.”

In addition to teaching, Paurus also coaches the VCSU golf teams. While Northern Plains weather often means practice times can be scattered, the team does well. Paurus says his players are lucky to get a month of practice in before tournaments start, and that most of them have conditioned themselves to North Dakota weather.

A favorite spot on campus for CSSE students is the office/conference/lounge space that serves at the department’s home. Paurus calls it “a collaboration area for faculty and students.” It’s not just the couches and relaxation that sets this space apart; it’s the collaborative activities and interactions that take place there that see students and faculty alike living out the value statements on the walls that spell out the department’s goals.

Golfing, watching Netflix, and hanging out with his two kids are among his favorite activities when Paurus is not teaching or coaching. While the down time may be hard to find, he says it’s always enjoyable to just relax.

Whether he’s working with his students, fellow faculty members, or golfers, Jamie Paurus typically has a smile on his face, and when you get a chance to talk with him, he’ll put a smile on yours as well.