by Deborah Haley

August 2016

Piano, drums, saxophone, guitar—all these instruments can be played by Mimi Undem of Valley City State University.

The senior music major from Wahpeton enjoys all things music, from playing to singing to writing music! Many of her hours are spent in Foss Hall on the VCSU campus. In the music building Mimi says, “It feels like a family. The faculty and students are all so close.”

Thanks to the wide variety of music opportunities, Mimi has flourished, becoming quite the musician and composer! Choir is one of her favorite classes because music majors and non-majors alike are able to participate in the singing, practices and performances.

In addition to a music degree, Mimi is also pursuing a minor in business. She enjoys the change in pace from the music classes. One memorable class for her was business writing. “I found it applicable to my future, teaching me how to communicate in a professional way through all different types of writing.”

Mimi is not only a busy student, but she also recently got married! She and her husband, Jordan Undem, met on the VCSU campus. Jordan graduated in 2014 with a degree in business management. They currently live in Valley City, and Jordan works at First Community Credit Union here in town.

When not in class or working on homework, Mimi enjoys barn dances, playing games, and crafting. She is also involved in the leading of live worship at CRU on campus and she attends the weekly women’s bible study.

Whether she is practicing in the music building, helping with CRU, or sitting in business class, Mimi applies herself to all that she does!