by Deborah Haley

October 2016

If you passed him in the hall at Valley City State University, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Hayden Zander is a fisheries and wildlife major. His camo sweatshirt and baseball cap proudly show his love for the outdoors and the creatures found there.

Hayden is currently a junior on the VCSU campus, coming to us from Killdeer, N.D. At a college fair, he heard about the fisheries and wildlife program and also the then-newly renovated Rhoades Science Center from a VCSU representative. Because of this meeting, Hayden chose VCSU as his first choice college.

Hayden had an amazing opportunity in the summer of 2016. He received a grant to research North Dakota dragonfly distributions with VCSU biology professor Andre DeLorme. They traveled the state collecting and documenting the different species found in North Dakota. “This was basically my dream job,” Hayden said. He is now considering working towards his master’s degree in entomology.

Thanks to his summer research, one new hobby of Hayden’s is his ever-growing insect collection. He currently has over 60 different species on display, but is always looking to add to the collection.

Besides the program and clubs associated with fisheries and wildlife, Hayden is also involved in campus ministries, helping with the leadership of CRU on campus and leading WILD men, the men’s Bible study.

“The Fisheries and Wildlife program here will prepare you for any career in this field,” said Hayden. “And the professors here are willing to help you achieve any career goals you may have.” With the help from his peers and professors, Hayden is excited for what the future holds!