by Deborah Haley

November 2016

With a diverse campus comes different accents. Josh Mower, a graduate student and coach has helped Valley City State University expand its reach across the country, coming here from North Carolina.

Josh heard about VCSU’s master’s in teaching program through an online job opportunity. The VCSU track and field team was looking to hire two graduate students to join the coaching staff. Josh applied and was accepted. As part of the benefits of the position, he is able to attend classes at VCSU and pursue a master’s degree.

While he helps with different aspects of the track team, Josh’s focus is long-distance running. He commented on “how inclusive and accepting the team is.” He also mentioned that while he coaches, he makes sue he runs along with the team, leading by example.

VCSU is not his first experience coaching. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Brevard College in Brevard N.C., Josh returned as a coach for two years before coming to VCSU.

Josh says “North Dakota and North Carolina are very similar. However, the accents are different.” We wish Josh good luck as he experiences his first North Dakota winter.

When he’s not coaching or working on homework, Josh enjoys running, attending campus events, and talking to his fiancée on the phone.

Even though his move took him halfway across the United States, Josh is thankful for the opportunities he has here at VCSU.