by Deborah Haley

November 2016

While double majors aren’t uncommon on the Valley City State University campus, someone who takes on a triple major must be especially dedicated to their studies. Such is the case with Max Kollar, a junior at VCSU from Underwood, Minn.

Football was a drawing card for Max to come to VCSU, but his focus now is on academics. He’s working on a triple major in chemistry, biology, and health science. “I like how they complement each other,” he said.

The dual-credit courses Max took in high school covered many of his general education requirements at VCSU so he’s able to accommodate the heavy lab schedule in his majors more easily.

Among the professors in Rhoades Science Center, health science professor Hilde van Gijssel has been the most influential in Max’s career here at VCSU. “She has done so much for me,” said Max. “It’s unreal. She helps me work out my schedule and offers help whenever I need it.”

While finding time in his busy schedule can be difficult, Max enjoys participating on campus. He is the current president of the Pre-Professional Club and also attends FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Bible study.

When he has some down time, Max enjoys camping and hunting—he likes basically any outdoor activity—along with cooking and woodworking.

While having a triple-major is quite the undertaking, Max has stepped up to the challenge, and we’re proud of his accomplishments and are ready to help him succeed.