Emergency Notification System (ENS): Assurance NM Q&A

What is Assurance NM?
Assurance NM is the emergency notification system used by all 11 North Dakota University System colleges and universities to provide timely information and instructions directly to students, faculty, staff and others during emergencies or urgent situations.

Why was Assurance NM implemented?
Providing a safe campus environment is a top priority. Timely notification of events such as natural disasters and acts of violence will empower students, faculty and staff to take the appropriate steps to protect their safety. The Assurance NM system is used to announce weather-related closings.

Who is included in Assurance NM?
The State Board of Higher Education requires employee (including student employees) participation in Assurance NM. Students are automatically enrolled in the ENS when they enroll at VCSU.
While it is an option for students to opt-out of the ENS, students who choose not to participate may miss vitally important information in an emergency situation

How does Assurance NM work?
Assurance NM uses cell-based telephone and text messaging, land lines and email to inform participants of an emergency situation.

Is Assurance NM only used for emergencies?
Assurance NM is used only if a situation poses an urgent or immediate threat to health or safety or if a situation significantly disrupts campus activities, such as a weather-related closing.

When does Assurance NM get tested?
To ensure continuity of operation, the Assurance NM system gets tested at least once each semester. Participants receive messages stating that "This is a test of the emergency notification system". Assurance NM messages are easily identifiable by the sender. All phone messages are sent from 701.328.0911 and all email messages are sent from nd911_emergencynotification@nd.gov.


How will faculty and staff provide emergency notification information?

Employees update their information in the NDUS HRMS system.

What information will employees be required to submit?
Employees will be required to provide campus phone numbers and e-mail addresses, which are considered public information under the state's open records law. Employees who have direct phone lines should provide their direct phone numbers. Employees also will be asked to provide personal phone numbers. This personal information, along with the home address, can be designated as private data - thus making it exempt from the state's open records law - by notifying the campus human resources office in writing.

How do I log-in to enter my emergency notification information?
Employees can log-in to HRMS (Human Resource) Self-Service and change their information there. If you do not have a password, contact the NDUS Help Desk at 1-866-457-6387 or by going to https://helpdesk.ndus.edu/. In addition, employees can contact their human resources or payroll personnel and request assistance in changing their information.


Can employees of non-campus businesses and other entities located on campus sign-up for Assurance NM?
Yes. Employees of other entities located on campus, such as dining services, are encouraged to participate in Assurance NM. Campuses need to contact the Safety Office (701-845-7710 or 3-7710) for more information.

To view State Board of Higher Education Policy 1902: Emergency Notification Systems, click here

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