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Ergonomics is an applied science and the practice of adapting products and processes to human characteristics and capabilities in order to improve people’s well-being and optimize productivity.

ERGONOMICS can help!

Without using proper ergonomics, the stresses of every day work can have major wear and tear on our bodies. Serious injuries can occur, most commonly Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

These injuries are caused by excessive or repetitive physical demands placed on your body over long periods of time. MSDs can affect any body part that is placed under increases stress. 1 out of ever 3 MSDs are serious enough to result in lost time from work.

VCSU strives to create a healthy working environment by implementing various techniques including ergonomics. For more information, read the "VCSU Ergonomics Policy and Procedures" and read through the "Ergonomics Information"

Safety Focus: Ergonomics