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Accredited Online Coursework

The ND Early Childhood Endorsement prepares teachers to teach children ages 0-8 in accredited settings. An Elementary Education degree is required to obtain this license. VCSU encourages Elementary Education Majors to consider this option if they have a desire to work with or teach infants, toddlers, preschool-aged children, kindergarten, or specialize in teaching primary grades. 

Study Online

All coursework leading to the ND Early Childhood Endorsement is offered online. Coursework can be completed through VCSU and Casper College. This Endorsement is accepted by the PTSB in Wyoming. 

Practical Experience

In addition to the prescribed classes, students must also complete field experiences with infants and toddlers; do an 80 hour field experience in a preschool, student teach 5 weeks in kindergarten, and 10 weeks in a first, second or third grade classroom. Exception: ND allows those individuals who have completed one year of teaching kindergarten or first grade to substitute teaching in Kindergarten. 

Adding the Endorsement to a Teaching License

The courses completed within the endorsement are listed on the VCSU transcript, however the endorsement is not specifically listed like a minor or major. Rather, the endorsement is added to a teaching license that is issued by the North Dakota ESPB (Education Standards and Practice Board) and PTSB (Professional Teaching Standards Board). To obtain the actual endorsement, students send to VCSU a Wyoming Institutional Recommendation form. The VCSU curriculum is designed to meet the requirements for the North Dakota ESPB early childhood endorsement. 

Valley City State University and Casper College offers all coursework necessary to meet the North Dakota early childhood endorsement criteria.

Required Courses Credits
EDUC 310 Intro to Early Childhood Education (VCSU) or 
 Or  *EDEC 1020 Intro to Early Childhood Education 3
EDUC 313 Lang & Literacy in Early Childhood Ed (VCSU) 2
EDUC 337 Pre-K Observation and Assessment (VCSU) or 
 Or *EDEC 1100/1105 Observation and Guidance of Young Children 3
EDUC 435 Kindergarten Education & Curriculum (VCSU) 4
EDUC 485 Student Teaching-or-One Yr K-1 Experience 5
Or  *EDEC 2210 Student Teaching in Early Childhood (CC) 6
* EDEC 1200 Administration and Leadership ECE3
*EDEC 1030 Infant and Toddler Care
*EDEC 1035 Infant and Toddler Care Lab
Only required for Wyoming students:
*EDEC 1300/1305 Curriculum Planning/Devel. Lab 3

In addition to the prescribed classes, students must also complete field experiences with infants and toddlers;

*Offered through Casper College.

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