Transition to Teaching

Professional Education Sequence

First Year Courses

EDUC 492 Clinical Practice, 6 Credits, Fall & Spring
EDUC 250 Introduction to Education (Secondary), 3 Credits, Spring

Online Education Sequence Courses, offered Fall, Spring or Summer Semesters

PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology, 3 Credits
EDUC 283 Understanding Cultural Diversity in Education, 3 Credits
EDUC 352 Culturally Diverse Practicum, 1 Credit
EDUC 375 Teaching Reading in the Content Area, 2 Credits
EDUC 450 Trends in Assessment & Educational Issues, 2 Credits

Online Education Sequence Courses, offered Fall

EDUC 240 Educating Exceptional Students, 2 Credits

Online Education Sequence Courses, offered Spring

EDUC 300 Educational Technology, 2 Credits
EDUC 400 Educational Psychology, 2 Credits


First Year Costs

The first year Introduction to Education and Clinical Practice courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate ($138.91/credit) with no additional fees. To register for first year courses please contact Dr. Larry Grooters or Dr. Bob Gette.

Subsequent Years Costs

The remaining Professional Education sequence courses are available online through Valley City State University. Students pay the regular tuition rate ($270.12/credit) for online undergraduate courses.

You may register online through Campus Connection. Instructions are available at Campus Connection Help Documents.


VCSU uses electronic billing (eBills). Statements are not mailed. View your eBills at Campus Connection by clicking on Student Center -> Pay Online Now.

If your account will be paid by a third party, the third party must submit an authorization to the Business Office by the due date. For more information, visit the Business Office website.