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North Dakota United (NDU) is an organization created by the merger of the North Dakota Education Association (NDEA) and the North Dakota Public Employees Association (NDPEA). NDU has over 10,000 members. Student ND United is affiliated with National Educators Association (NEA) and the Student NEA group.

10 Benefits of membership

  • $1 million worth of liability protection
  • Professional growth workshops and conferences
  • Professional publications from state and national associations
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Student rights protection
  • Credit card (no annual fee/low interest)
  • Spring conference to enhance learning opportunities
  • Training on leadership skills
  • Professional status including networking and support from practicing teachers
  • Rebate on first year teacher dues

How to Join VCSU's SNDU Chapter

If you are ready to join SNDU, that's great! To join SNDU: Visit Student Enrollment/Renewal, enrollment occurs through the National Education Association website.

2017-2018 SNDU Membership Dues

National - $15.00
State - $25.00
Local - $7.25
Total - $47.25