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Information Desk

The Information Desk serves as the administrative office for the Student Center, and all the Student Center/student activities. the Information Desk provides about VCSU and the various campus activities, Information about the Student Center operation and the of the Center facilities may be obtained from the Student Center Information Desk. The Information Desk also serves as a lost and found center for the university community.

Lower Lounge Game Room

The VCSU game room is equipped with a pool table, ping pong table, foosball and large screen TV. Students may check out the gaming equipment from the Student Center Information Desk by depositing their ID card.

Identification System

The official university identification system is administered by the Student Center Information Desk. All VCSU students must carry a current official VCSU Viking card. The Viking card is the property of Valley City State University and must be surrendered upon request by school officials. The card is used for admission to various university sponsored functions including the board contract program. It is unlawful to allow another person to use your ID card, to counterfeit or alter your Viking card. Viking cards are issued upon initial enrollment at VCSU. Lost, mutilated, or stolen ID cards should be reported to the Student Center Information Desk. A $25.00 charge will be made for replacement cards.

Vehicle Booster Cables, Battery Charger and Extension Cords

As a service to VCSU students, the Student Center has purchased one battery charger, extension cords, and battery booster cables for use by students. These items are available for use at no charge and may be checked out from the Student Center Information Desk. Students are asked to limit their usage to one hour so others may use the equipment. Student must deposit their ID card when using the equipment.

Check Cashing & ATM Machine

There is an ATM located near the Student Center Information Desk. Students wishing to cash checks may do so at the Student Center Information Desk during operational hours. A $25.00 per check limit is in effect. Students must have a valid ID in order to cash checks. Student cashing NSF checks will have their check cashing privileges suspended.

Conference Rooms and Student Center Facilities

Students or student groups wishing to use a Student Center conference room or a Student Center facility and a game room should make necessary arrangements in advance with the Student Center Information Desk.

Campus Vending Operations

The VCSU campus vending operation is administered by the Student Center Information Desk. Students with issues regarding the campus vending operation should report them to the Information Desk. Change machines are located in most of the residence halls and at the University Apartments.