Emergency Fire Plan

  • Familiarize yourself with primary and secondary evacuation routes, nearest first aid stations, fire alarms stations, fire extinguishers, telephones, and stairways.
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull box and call the Valley City Fire Department at 9-911. Give as much information as possible (name, location, type of fire, others in the building). Setting off an alarm automatically notifies the Power House.
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire ONLY if it is very small and you have been trained in proper operation of a fire extinguisher. Always activate the fire alarm system first.
  • Only take medications and valuables, IF there is time.
  • When the fire alarm sounds, immediately leave the area using the designated evacuation route posted for the area you are currently in.
  • When evacuating, do not use elevators; Walk- do not run!
  • If using stairways, stay in single file and keep to the right as fire department personnel may be coming up the stairway.
  • If a student, employee or visitor has a disability or needs assistance evacuating, assist them to an "Area of Rescue Assistance" or Area of Refuge that is away from obvious danger. Then go to the building evacuation assembly point and notify the on-site Emergency Response Officials of the location of the person in the Area of Rescue Assistance. **The Area of Rescue Assistance is located next to each stair case entrance, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Close all doors behind you to help contain the fire.

*** If you know the cause of an accidental false alarm, notify VC Police immediately and make yourself available to the responding police and fire officials outside the building as appropriate to help them confirm the source.
Fire Drills Facilities Services will conduct fire drills periodically during the year. However, treat every alarm as if it were an actual fire. Follow all fire procedures during the drills. It is VCSU's policy that participation in fire drills is mandatory and you may be subject to disciplinary procedures for non-compliance. VCSU Housing must conduct semester fire drills in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.

Office Information

VCSU Safety Office:

Safety Coordinator | Risk Management Contact
Jessica Frerich

Other Contacts:

Vice President for Student Affairs

Campus Nurse
Pat Egeberg

Power House
(after hours safety)